31 Jul

Tips on Maintaining a Car Coated With Ceramic Pro

Tips on Maintaining a Car Coated With Ceramic Pro

Most car owners believe there’s no need to maintain their car once it’s coated with Ceramic Pro. They argue that the shining effect the nano ceramic coating has on their car can last for days.

This may be true, but the coating deserves some TLC if it’s to perform its task effectively. The unique thing about ceramic coated cars is they need special care. Here are some of the ways you should care for your coated baby:

  1. Use Soap That’s Nano coating-Specific

The ceramic coating does so much work keeping your car spotless. Water beads slide off the coat, carrying dirt with them.

The best way to show appreciation to the Pro and care for it is by using a soap that won’t be harsh. Think about a pH neutral car soap.

  1. Make Use of the Two-Bucket Method

Using two buckets prevents you from causing scratches on your Ceramic Pro-coated ride. One of the buckets should be filled with rinsing water and the other with washing soap. The bucket with rinsing water should be lined Grit Guard at the bottom to trap particles from your wash pad.

  1. Don’t Use an Automatic Wash

An automatic wash seems like a great option since it saves you the washing hassle, right? Wrong. It has bristles that can scratch the coating off your car- or at least most of it.

Maintaining the Ceramic Pro coating is a piece of cake. With constant practice and lots of care, while washing it, it’ll serve you for months on end!