31 Jul

4 Tools that Plumbers Use

4 Tools that Plumbers Use

If any, very few clients ask to check what’s in a plumber’s toolbox when they hire them. They’re only interested in getting the problem fixed.

Although it isn’t a requirement, it wouldn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with those tools as well as their uses. This can come in handy in case you want to do the repairs on your own. Plumbers use several tools. Some of them are:

  1. Basin Wrench

Also called a sink wrench; this convenient tool is used to remove or install bathroom and kitchen sink faucets. It has a long shaft specially crafted to fit into those squeezed spaces that wrenches can’t.

It’s used to loosen or tighten the mounting nuts on faucets. For top accuracy, expert grade models come with a cool telescoping shank that maintains a 90-degree position. Though their uses are limited, they are the best choice whenever replacement of the faucet is required.

  1. Metal File

Plumbers use this tool to remove or smooth metals and hard plastics. Their cutting teeth that face forwards enable them to cut smoothly when pushed over metal. Their portability and thin design makes it easy to use and handle.

  1. Channel Locks

These are pliers with an angled head that are used to hold and turn bolts and nuts. They’re also great for tightening and adjusting water pipes, especially when they’re used in pairs.

  1. Drain Snakes

Also referred to as toilet jacks, plumbers use these flexible, slender augers to clear a sanitary sewer or clogged drainpipe.