22 Jan

How Can a Plumber Replace a Toilet?

plumber about removing an old toilet

Have you tried contacting a plumber in your area to help you replace a toilet in your home? You can talk with a plumber about removing an old toilet and replacing it with a new model that uses less water. You can also ask for an advanced toilet with cleaning functions similar to what people regularly use in Japan.

A professional plumber will use a few steps for replacing a toilet:

  1. The area for the new toilet is measured at the start. The plumber needs to look at the size of the area that the toilet can be installed at and how well the drainage works.
  2. The old toilet is removed from the bottom. A few bolts should be found around the bottom area. The water line for the toilet will also be temporarily shut off.
  3. The new toilet is measured with the existing water line. The proper line should link up to the new unit. Also, the sewer drainage port should be matched up.
  4. The water lines are connected to the top part of the toilet.
  5. A new flange may be added to maintain the position of the drainage port.
  6. New bolts will link to the bottom to lock the toilet down. Brass bolts work for how they are stronger than others. The bolts should be secure enough to keep the toilet from possibly shaking around.

The effort a plumber will utilize when installing a new toilet can make a big difference in your home. Talk with a trusted plumber in your area to see what you can get out of the process of installing a new unit.