22 Jan

Why Regular Glass Can’t Hold a Candle to Insulated Glass

insulated glass helps with the insulation

Windows are expensive as is, so it may seem a bit difficult to jump up to premium glass. Insulated glass may be expensive, but in most cases, it is worth the cost. Here are a few distinct advantages insulated glass has over single-paned glass, and why it is worth the extra cost.

  1. Insulation: As the name implies, insulated glass helps with the insulation inside the building. This means that it is harder to change the temperature inside the building. In the winter the heat stays inside, and during the summer the hot air can’t get in. This means lower electricity bills because the HVAC system doesn’t need to work as hard to keep a building at a stable temperature.
  2. Noise: While the different is not huge, but insulated glass is quieter than standard glass. Much like heat, sound has a harder time passing through insulated glass because of the layered design.
  3. Sunlight: UV rays are the enemy and reducing them is always a positive. Insulated windows can block some of the UV light passing through it, which are harmful for a whole host of reasons. Insulated windows block more UV lights than standard single-paned windows.
  4. Security: While they may be more expensive to repair, insulated glass is harder to break into. With the multi-layered design, breaking through all the layers is more difficult than a single pane of glass.

With the premium cost of insulated glass, it may seem it is not worth the investment. But with all the benefits listed above, insulated glass will pay for itself quickly after installation.