24 Apr

How a Plumbing Contractor Differs from a Plumber

you might wonder what exactly a plumbing contractor does

When something goes wrong with your pipes, faucets, or sink the first person you should call is a plumber. A master plumber is highly skilled in all things plumbing, so you might wonder what exactly a plumbing contractor does. Knowing who to call depends on the scope of the project, and they usually work on very different things. Here is a quick rundown of what a plumber and plumbing contractor does on the daily that will help explain when to hire each professional.

Plumber: A plumber deals with fixes and replacements. If a pipe is leaking, or a garbage disposal needs replacing then a plumber is who you call. They can work on, replace, or repair almost anything in your home related to plumbing, and are very experienced in tasks that are simple, but not too simple that the average homeowner can accomplish themselves.

Plumbing Contractor: A plumbing contractor tend to work on larger projects, and often spend their time working with construction workers in building or adding onto a building. Their work focuses more on water heaters, electrical and gas lines, and other big pieces of equipment in the home of building. They have more experience with planning and building new and dangerous things and are often work with construction companies in planning and building these things in homes or buildings. They tend to work on larger scale projects and complex tasks, and do not often work on repairs and maintenance due to their high demand and different skillset.

While a plumbing contractor and a plumber both have careers centered around plumbing, they both have specific skillsets that set them apart. If you plan on redoing your plumbing, building a new addition to your home or building, or are building a new home entirely, then you should call a plumbing contractor. If you simply need a repair or work done on your current system, then a plumber is the professional you need.