24 Apr

The Different Types of Plumbers and What They Can and Can’t Do

specialty items that require a specialized plumber or contractor

When something plumbing related goes wrong in your home or business it can be hard to know who to call to get help with it. For most plumbing related things, you can call a plumber, but there are some specialty items that require a specialized plumber or contractor. While plumbers are not trained to help with your taxes or repair your car, here are a few jobs that are relegated to the world of plumbing that require a specific type of plumber to accomplish.

Commercial Plumber: This type of plumber is trained and experienced in large-scale buildings such as businesses, hospitals, or shopping centers. Their expertise is on large scale projects in commercial buildings and have more know-how when it comes to these things. They are who you call if there is a large problem, and not just a broken toilet or a leaking faucet. If your commercial building needs a major repair, this is who to call.

Residential Plumber: A residential plumber is a plumber who typically installs and builds plumbing systems. While they may be able to perform standard plumbing services like repairing a disposal or fixing pipes, there specific skillset and training means their time is best spent installing a plumbing system. If you want your piping redone or piping added, this is the plumber to call.

Service and Repair Plumber: When you typically imagine calling a plumber, this is the person. They specialize in maintenance and repair of smaller scale projects and can help you if the disposal needs replacing or a pipe is leaking.

Finding out what type of plumber you need is simple, and even if you are not sure it is easy to find out. Call a plumber you trust, and they can help you figure out what kind of plumber you need for the specific job.