24 Apr

3 Mistakes Your Family Dentist Wishes You’d Stop Making

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Chances are that your family dentist has told you how important it is to brush and floss. But did you know that there are some surprising things that can damage your smile? Below are three mistakes you should avoid making to keep your teeth healthy and your family dentist happy.

Crunching Your Ice

Even though you may think that this won’t damage your teeth, this is something that can damage your teeth. When you chew your ice, it can make your teeth crack. Teeth aren’t made to crunch things like ice.

Drinking Sports Drinks

Even though a sports drink can help with replenishing your body with the electrolytes it needs after a hard workout, they have a lot of sugar in them. It makes your mouth dry and it lets bacteria that produces acid into the gums, causing tooth decay and cavities.

Using Them Like Tools

A lot of people are guilty of doing this, even though they may not think about it. They open bottles, packaging and packets with their teeth. This may seem convenient, but it can really cause problems with your teeth.

Problems like chips, fractures and cracks may happen. This opens up possibilities for tooth decay. So only use your teeth for what they’re made for – chewing and biting.

These are three mistakes that you may be making that can hurt your teeth and your smile. Make your family dentist happy and avoid these bad habits. You’ll also find that your teeth are healthier when you regularly get dental checkups!