21 Jul

Finish Choices for Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

Custom Kitchens

If you are going to make the investment in renovating and modernizing your home’s kitchen, it stands to reason that you want custom kitchen cabinetry that meets all your needs. You want it to be durable, beautiful, functional, and match your style preferences. The good news is that wood kitchen cabinetry has all these things because it is incredibly versatile. Not only do you have plenty of wood choices, but the practically unlimited finish options can give you the unique appearance you want. Although the more detailed the finish process, the higher the cost, it will be money well spent when you are also adding value to your home. Here are a few popular finish options for cabinetry in custom kitchens:

  • Natural Finish – If you really love the natural look of your wood choice, sometimes, less is more in terms of finishing. Consider a simple top coat rather than a stain or paint that changes the color of the wood.
  • Distressed Finish – Achieving a worn look on kitchen cabinetry is a great way to get a rustic style appearance.
  • Crackled Finish – If you love the look of antiques, a crackled finish could be the answer you seek. It will give your kitchen a vintage look that is ideal with a country-style design.
  • Glazed Finish – Glazing is a technique that adds some flair by accenting the primary stain with highlighted details. It brings added definition to panels, grooves, ridges, and other textural features of the kitchen cabinetry. Either a dry or wet glaze can be used depending on the desired outcome.
  • Painted Finish – If you are looking for a color that is not obtainable with a stain, painting is an ideal solution. Color choices are completely unlimited so that you can match whatever décor you like. A special technique that can also be used with painting is speckled finish, incorporating different colors of paint creating a random, speckled result.

These are a few finish choices for cabinetry for custom kitchens. Talk to your contractor or remodeler about which finish suits your custom kitchen best.