21 Jul

A Divorce Lawyer Can Help You with Divorce Mediation

The couple can also have their own divorce lawyers present

The most common depiction of divorce proceedings is that of the two spouses meeting with their respective lawyers and arguing back and forth until one party submits. It’s easy to see how such a system could exacerbate conflict and generate more stress for the separating partners and their family members. Fortunately, alternative models are gaining popularity. One of the most popular alternatives to the traditional approach is divorce mediation, in which the couple invites one or more neutral third parties into the proceedings in order to facilitate better communication and alleviate tension. The couple can also have their own divorce lawyers present. In this article, we’ll be going over some of the benefits that divorce mediation can offer.

  • It’s Faster. One of the most stressful parts of divorce litigation is that it can drag on for an extended time, often exceeding eight months. Divorce mediation, on the other hand, can take as little as 90 days, which everyone can agree is much less stressful than a lengthy legal battle through divorce lawyers.
  • It’s Convenient. Another downside to taking your divorce to court is that it will have to take place on the court’s schedule, not yours. Even if you manage to wrap things up relatively quickly, divorce mediation still offers better flexibility when it comes to scheduling, meaning that you’ll be more able to fit these meetings into your routine rather than putting everything on hold until a court date.
  • It’s Cooperative. A third advantage that divorce mediation has over litigation is that mediation is more collaborative. You won’t have to take firm stances against your ex but will instead receive guidance on how to express your interests and concerns so that everyone can reach a satisfying agreement. This approach is ideal if you want to continue to work together as co-parents, and it makes things easier on your children.

These are a few reasons why divorce mediation may be a better approach than the traditional approach. However, it is likely still a good idea to have a divorce lawyer with you so that you can clearly understand all the legal jargon. Your divorce lawyer can help you understand the details of any contracts you may need to sign during the mediation process.