31 Jul

Types of Commercial HVAC Systems

Types of Commercial HVAC Systems

The secret to success in any business is offering quality services and products to clients. The commercial hvac business is no different. Truth be told, if you’re a customer looking to buy an HVAC system, you’re aware that it’s hard to find what you’re looking for with all the systems available. To help you out, here are some types of commercial systems:

  1. 1. CAV Systems

CAV (Constant Air Volume) systems use high energy since they rely on a high flow of air and a higher energy output consequently.

They are used in some commercial places as a means of cooling, ventilation, and heating. They have a compressor cycle and an on/off fan that operates at full capacity until the preferred temperature level is attained.

  1. 2. Single-Split Systems

These commercial hvac systems are made up of an indoor unit and outdoor unit. The outdoor unit has the capillary tubing or expansion coil, compressor, and the condenser coil.

They are mostly used in small offices, cafes, and shops.

  1. 3. VRF Systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow systems, or VRF systems, are large ductless systems that can perform very effectively at high capacities.

They enable several indoor zones or units to function seamlessly while operating on a similar system. With the right system in place, occupants in structures can personalize temperature settings as per their preferences.

  1. 4. Multi-Split Systems

These are commercial hvac systems that allow occupants to set various temperatures in different rooms by manually adjusting individual units. They are also called ductless split systems.