21 Jul

Some Air Conditioning Dos and Don’ts

Your air conditioning system needs all the space

An air conditioning system can either serve you or drive you mad, depending on how you care for it. From the time you buy one, you should make it a point to understand how it works and frequently check it.

If you’ve never had an air conditioner before or purchased it recently, you’re probably wondering what you can do to keep it at its best. Wonder no more, follow these dos and don’ts, and you’ll be good to go:

DO Have Your Conditioner Tuned Up

An easy way to keep that electric bill low is keeping your unit tuned up. A system checkup not only saves you about 15 percent monthly on energy bills, but it makes it lasts longer for a couple of years too.

It also enables you to spot any minor issues and get them to fix before they get worse and costlier.

DON’T Overcrowd the Conditioner Vents

Your air conditioning system needs all the space it can get to spread air feely. Electronics, books, toys, and other stuff you place around the vents cause interference in the airflow.

DO Clean Your System

The dirtier your system gets, the poorer the service it offers. Not just that. Its lifespan is decreased. Ensure that you wipe off debris and dirt from the coils and drains often.

DON’T Use an Extension Cord to Power Your System

Long extension cords drop the voltage of air conditioning systems, causing your unit to work double-time to cool your space.