21 Jul

4 Questions to ask a Plumber Before Hiring Them

The plumber may not be licensed

Fixing a clogged pipe or sink isn’t always a walk in the park. Any certified plumber can tell you that. That’s why it’s essential to do your homework before employing one. If you choose to go with word of mouth, don’t just believe what you’re told. Have the pipefitter over and ask them some questions first. These queries include:

  1. Do You Clean Up After You’re Done?

Sounds obvious? Not exactly. Most plumbing companies don’t leave the place in order after fixing. Confirm if they include cleanup fees in the quote. If not, ask why. This helps you avoid any hidden costs or giving the company a bad rating when, in fact, they’re working by their principles.

  1. Do You Have a License?

Again, this sounds like one of those questions with a rhetorical answer. Don’t be too quick to overlook this question, however. The plumber may not be licensed. Employing them is risky because their work may not pass inspection. If that happens, you’ll have no one to blame but, sadly, yourself.

  1. Are You Doing the Work Alone?

First, ask if they’re the one asked to do the repair. If they aren’t, ask who the designated handyman is and what their credentials are. If they are and are alone, find out their level of experience.

  1. When do you Expect Payment?

Find out when the plumber wants payment and what amount he wants upfront. Don’t think twice about walking away if they wish to the total cost at once before doing the job.