20 Mar

Different Types of Aggregates and Their Uses

There are different kinds of construction gravels and aggregates for various construction projects.

Different Types of Aggregates and Their Uses

From developing a driveway to a mostly concrete sitting area in your garden, aggregates are your best bet to getting the job done with 100% versatility.

Every application needs its own specific type of aggregate. The following are some of the most common types of aggregate:

  1. Building Sand

Building sand is further classified into sharp, mixed building and soft. Sharp sand is used in mixing mortar for laying paving slabs and paving bedding block.

Mixed building sand is essential for mixing wet mortar for use in patio slabs for driveways and pavements. Soft building sand is used in place of mortar for fast and convenient walling.

  1. Hardcore

Hardcore (MOT Type 1) is carboniferous limestone in powder form. It’s used as a filling product and a hardcore base under artificial grass, driveways, paving and patios.

  1. Gravel

Gravel is relatively easy to install and offers a splendid texture, fit for paving solutions in the short-term, non-corporate landscapes and low-cost gardens. Self-binding gravel is best for beautiful driveways.

  1. Ballast

Ballast is generally a mix of small stones and sharp sand. It is used in making concrete for different landscaping purposes such as shed bases and path edgings to securing fence posts.

When buying aggregates, it is essential to buy them in larger quantities. Buying them in installments only leads to unnecessary costs.