6 May

Construction Aggregates 101: What are They and Why Are They So Important?

Construction Aggregates 101: What are They and Why Are They So Important?

Aggregates aren’t exactly the most glamorous aspect of any construction project (they are just rocks, after all). But aggregates are one of the foundational components of any project, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

By definition, aggregates are raw materials that come from natural sources. They are typically extracted from quarries and pits and include sand, crushed stone, and gravel. They can be used exactly as-is after extraction or combined with a binding medium, like cement, asphalt, or water.

Quality aggregates must have a uniform, predictable, and consistent property. Before you can use aggregates in your construction project, they should be fully dry and clean since they are only as good as their processes.

All types of construction projects rely on aggregates in some form. For example, aggregates form the foundation for buildings, roads, and bridges. Aggregates also make up a large majority of asphalt pavement mixtures as well as the majority of concrete mixes. From building homes to constructing highways and schools, nearly every project requires aggregates in some form.

Before investing in aggregates for your project, make sure your provider uses a quality crushing and screening process. This can impact the hardness, durability, and quality of any mixtures you create with the aggregates, as well as the total outcome of your project. You should ask your aggregates provider about the crushing and screening process they use before placing an order for an aggregate of any kind.