21 Jul

4 Tips on Holding Parties in Swimming Pools

Games in celebrations in swimming pools are an excellent way

Ah, summer’s here again. There’s no better way to enjoy yourself than to have a pool party. Have a couple of friends over, and have a blast! If you think that pool parties are for teens and kids only, realize they’re not.

You work so hard. Swimming pools are meant to help us relax. If you’ve never had a celebration at the pool, here are some pointers on making yours successful:

  1. Prepare a Summertime Playlist

There’s something about music that gets anyone in the right mood. A great playlist of summer tunes does just that. Include songs that your guests love, too, so they don’t feel left out.

Remember to keep the volume at a reasonable level. This allows you and your visitors to speak without straining. It also shows consideration for the neighbors.

  1. Have Some Supplies Available

If you’re holding your party during the day, it would be best to provide some sunscreen. Also, stock up on other necessities such as flip flops and towels. Not all visitors attend parties in swimming pools with some.

  1. Food and Drinks are a Must

No party is ever complete without drinks and food. You could go the extra mile and hire a bartender and caterer. Or, go simple and prepare something that everyone will love.

  1. Include Activities and Games

Games in celebrations in swimming pools are an excellent way to help your guests loosen up. Water basketball and volleyball are some cool picks. As for an activity, a Hawaiian shirt contest could work.