22 Oct

3 Habits Your Dentist Hates

3 Habits Your Dentist Hates

No one likes going to the dentist. But when you have dentist appointment and he or she sees you, there are habits that he sees evidence of that he really doesn’t like. Below are three habits that you may have that your dentist hates.

1. Chewing Your Ice

You may think that it’s not a problem since it’s just frozen water. But it can damage your teeth. It irritates that soft tissue in your teeth. So, even though you love eating your ice, you want to avoid it. Keep your drinks in the fridge so that its cold without ice.

2. Giving a Baby a Bottle at Bedtime

When you do this, it can cause your baby’s teeth to start decaying. The formula, milk or juice in the bottle will bathe their teeth in the sugars through the night. So, don’t give your baby a bottle when they go down.

3. Grinding Your Teeth

Bruxism can wear your teeth down as time goes by. It’s often caused by sleeping habits and stress. Steering clear of hard foods through the day may help with reducing damage and pain caused by this habit. Mouth guards worn while sleeping can help with avoiding this habit.

These are three common habits that a dentist will hate. They can damage teeth and cause a lot of pain. So, if you have these habits, try and break yourself of them. It can save you a lot of pain and problems in the long run. Otherwise you might be really sorry down the road.