23 Apr

4 Surefire Ways to Identify an Honest Auto Body Shop

A sincere auto body shop can answer any questions you may have about your car

It’s not easy finding an auto body shop that offers quality services. Due to desperation, many car owners choose to go for the first shop they come across.  This often turns out to be a mistake. It’s always better to ask your friends or neighbors for their recommendations. Aside from that, here are ways you can identify an honest auto shop:

  1. They Write their Promises

Putting promises on paper is a great way to show professionalism. A sincere auto shop has confidence in its services and is willing to show this by writing it down. This way, you have written proof in case something goes wrong.

  1. They’ve Got Certification

When you walk into an auto body shop and don’t see any certification, run! No matter what they say, don’t trust them with your car if they don’t have certifications like Class A, ASE and I-Car.

  1. They Stick to their Estimates

Once you’ve found an auto shop, be sure that what they estimate is what they’ll charge you. Many shops include hidden costs in the invoice that the customer ends up paying. An honest shop can break down the numbers for you so you can see how they arrived at their final charge.

  1. They Can Answer all Your Questions

A sincere auto body shop can answer any questions you may have about your car. They’re also able to provide further details if you need more clarification. You need to feel free to voice your concerns. The answers should be satisfactory.


20 Feb

How to Find a Good Auto Body Repair Shop After an Accident

constraint of needing to find an auto body shop

Finding a good auto body repair shop can be hard, but it only gets more difficult after an accident. When you get in an accident you have an added constraint of needing to find an auto body shop as soon as possible, and it can be stressful. Here are a few tips to finding an auto body repair shop when you get into a car accident.

  1. Check Online Reviews: While these may not be the definitive source for quality, but they can give some good guidance. Reading the individual reviews can also be helpful, because you can see individual cases of people being either repeatedly satisfied or repeatedly frustrated. If many people went on the internet to air their grievances about an auto body shop, that shop may not be your best choice.
  2. Ask Questions: You can always ask all kinds of questions of an auto body shop about their repair process. A great shop may even allow you to go back and see other cars and the quality work they are doing on other customers vehicles. While a shop not letting you into the back may not be a bad sign, it can be a bad sign if they avoid questions related to their quality assurance and repair process.
  3. Find a Shop Before the Accident: Spend time reviewing shops, getting references, and researching other places before the accident occurs. This means that when the accident does occur you will not have to go through this entire process with very little time to do it.

While it can be a gamble when searching for a quality auto body shop, you can increase your odds by following the above steps.