15 Jan

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Home Gutters Clean

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Home Gutters Clean

Gutters protect your home from the water damage that can come from the regular wear and tear of rain and snow. The role of a gutter is to collect water and direct it away from your home. Gutters help you avoid the harm of water running down the sides of your home and causing damage. They should also direct water away from the foundation at the foot of your home.

However, gutters are only effective when water is able to flow freely through the gutter. This is why gutter cleaning is so important! If a gutter is full of debris, it will not be able to function properly. A clogged gutter will cause water backups and interrupt water flow.

Many gutters require regular gutter cleaning in order to stay free of debris. This can be a laborious task for a homeowner to complete. You should complete gutter cleaning on a nice day when there is no weather danger. This will allow you safe access to see and remove debris from your gutter that may be blocking or reducing water flow. This is a home maintenance project that may take some time, or a homeowner may choose to hire a company to complete the cleaning.

If you want to avoid cleaning your gutters, a gutter protection system may be a product to benefit you. There are some gutter add-on products that blocks debris from entering your gutter, but it does not restrict water movement. It can withstand up to ten inches of rainfall per hour. This eliminates the need to clean out your gutters! Contact your local home improvement store to check if they offer this kind of product.