29 Jul

Why Calling a Professional Exterminator is a Wise Choice

Digital image depicting a terrified woman spraying a giant fly with bug spray. The fly has knocked over a bottle of soda, and is busy drinking from the puddle. The woman wears a horrified expression, and is simultaneously spraying the giant fly with insecticide, while scrambling backwards to get away. The spray appears to be ineffectual. The scene takes place at night, in a moonlit kitchen.

If a person were to arrive at your door with several suitcases in hand and tell you they were going to take up residence in your home, eat your food, drink your water, contribute nothing, and potentially cause illness or damage to your home, you would think they were foolish to think you would agree to such an arrangement. So, why do you allow exactly that scenario in the form of pests? This is an even worse situation as you aren’t dealing with just one person, but potentially thousands of pests that continue to multiply. It is best to call in an exterminator sooner rather than later before things get out of control and more complex to resolve.

In fact, it is always best to call in a professional exterminator rather than try to deal with the problem on your own. Some types of pests, particularly those that live in nests, hives, or colonies, can require a multi-faceted approach. When you consider the various stages in the typical pest life cycle, it takes training to know how to eliminate each cycle so that new members do not mature and start the process all over again. In addition, it can take a trained professional to find the hidden pests and devise a plan to prevent their return.

Another reason to call a professional exterminator is that the vast majority of over-the-counter products are ineffective even if you use them according to the manufacturer instructions. Some can even be dangerous if used or stored incorrectly. Rather than put yourself and your family at risk, call on an exterminator that stays on top of the industry to use the most effective and safe products available. Last but not least, a top reason to call an exterminator is that pests can be downright scary!