18 Apr

What You Need to Know About Bee Swarms

some important points you should know about bee swarms

Bees seem harmless when there’s only one or two of them. Most people can handle them when they’re a few. But you’re safer when you stay far away from them.

If you come across a swarm of bees, you should never try to solve the situation on your own. Here are some important points you should know about bee swarms:

  1. Stay Away from Other People

If you’re under attack by a swarm of bees, keep off from other people. They will be attacked too, as the bees will think they’re also a threat.

  1. Don’t Dive Into a Waterbody

Diving into a pool or river or any other waterbody when you’re attacked by bees seems like a smart move to make.

However, bees are smart. Bee swarms will wait for you to emerge from the water so they continue with their attack. A better option is to run in a straight line and find shelter.

  1. Stay Calm

There have been reports of people dying from a bee swarm attack, not directly because of the attack, but because of panicking. Panicking can lead to actions such as being hit by a car or drowning if you jump into water.

  1. Call a Professional

Don’t wait for bee swarms to attack you so you can make the call. Several stings from them could lead to death. As soon as you notice one, be sure to give a professional exterminator a call.