19 May

Ways to Increase Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the key to living a peaceful and fulfilled life

Emotional intelligence is the key to living a peaceful and fulfilled life. Many people have heard about it, but few know what it is.

Also referred to as EQ or emotional quotient, it is the ability to keep your emotions in check and use them to ease stress, communicate effectively, overcome challenges, and solve conflicts peacefully.

By developing it, you influence your skills. Here are ways to expand your emotional quotient:

  1. Regulating Emotions

This is the process of choosing which emotions you have at a particular instance. For example, instead of withdrawing and blushing in an embarrassing situation, you can choose to laugh away the embarrassment.

It helps us to reconsider the consequences of a particular emotion before yielding to it. This way, our decision-making skill is strengthened, and we gain better outcomes in the end.

  1. Having Good Social Skills

If you’re an introvert, this may be hard to achieve, but in the end, having emotional intelligence is worth the effort.

Some proven ways to improve your social skills are: Letting others do the talking in a conversation and being generous with compliments.

  1. Being Self-Aware

Realize that you have emotions. Don’t overlook negative ones, such as fear or anger. Instead, recognize them and how they affect your thoughts and behavior. That way, you’re at a better state to handle them.

  1. Empathize

People with high emotional intelligence put themselves in the shoes of others. Empathy enables us to understand others better, therefore, strengthening and building relationships.