24 May

Everything You Need to Know about High-Risk Auto Insurance

Insurance companies that offer high-risk auto insurance

The average driver has been given a ticket for an offence at least once in their life. At some point, they may have been found guilty of DWI/DUI.

That is an automatic qualification of a high-risk driver and has the potential of putting lives on the road at risk. A driver needs the right kind of insurance to cover this eventuality. Here is some information on high-risk auto insurance:

  1. Premiums Are Higher

Insurance companies that offer high-risk auto insurance set higher premiums for this type of insurance. This is because it will be a significant risk to insure these drivers, as they are likely to be the cause of an accident.

  1. Is Not Easy to Find

Very few insurance companies are ready to insure drivers with a history of DWI/DUI offences. Other qualifications for high risk-auto insurance include: old age (70+), Teenage driver, residence in an area deemed to be high-risk, a driver with no previous auto insurance cover, multiple involvements in numerous car accidents and traffic codes violations, and a driver that just got his license.

  1. It Is Required to Restore Driving Privileges

DWI/DUI usually leads to suspension of a driver’s license. For one to be allowed back into the road as a driver, you will need to fill out a form known as SR-22. Filling out this form is proof that your vehicle is insured with appropriate auto insurance; ideally a high-risk auto insurance cover.