8 Feb

Three Things You Should Ask your Criminal Defense Attorney

attorney who knows how to manage your case well

If you have serious charges against you and need to seek legal help, you want to make sure to connect with a criminal defense attorney who knows how to manage your case well. If you find yourself trying to determine what to do next or learn more about the possibilities with your case, there are some important questions you’ll want to ask a criminal defense attorney to get an idea of the bigger picture.

  1. What are my rights? Many people don’t know that, even though they may have been charged with a crime, they still have rights under the law. Knowing your rights will help you build a solid defense with your attorney and can help you achieve the best outcomes for your case.
  2. What is the worst-case scenario? While it may be a difficult conversation to have, you should absolutely ask your criminal defense attorney about the worst-case scenario. While you hope for the best, having the talk about expectations and all of the possibilities can help you create a better frame of mind about what comes next.
  3. How long should I expect this to go on? Everyone wants their case to be resolved as quickly as possible and with the best possible outcomes. Unfortunately, depending on your plan of action for your case and how your criminal defense attorney feels you should handle things, it might take longer than you thought. You may also find yourself dealing with the court system’s time schedule. Knowing what to expect with the timeframe will also help you set your sites on your goals.