25 Jan

The Pros and Cons of Ceramic Pro Coating

The Pros and Cons of Ceramic Pro Coating

When looking into the best protection for your car, many people will bring up Ceramic Pro coating. Ceramic Pro coating is a hydrophobic ceramic coating applied to the outside of your cars paint that helps protect it. Imagine it like wax that is strong and lasts much longer. Here are some of the pros and cons to Ceramic Pro coating for your vehicle.


  • Hydrophobic: Water will run right off of a Ceramic Pro coating. While it does not make your paint resistant to all water damage, it can help mitigate water when it makes water bead up and run off the paint.
  • Image: A car with a Ceramic Pro coating will sparkle like it came off the showroom. Results may vary, as your cars paint must be nice below the coating, but the coating will make your paint appear smooth and glossy.
  • Harm: Things like UV and air pollution will have less effect on your paint, essentially making it last longer if you treat it well. The coating will help protect your paint from the harmful rays of the sun and the chemicals in the air.


  • Price: The biggest con of Ceramic Pro coatings is that they are not cheap. The ceramic coating itself is incredibly expensive per ounce, so do not expect a ceramic coating to be the cost of an automatic car wash (even though a number of automatic car washes will end up hitting the same price).
  • Washing: This is not an end-all solution to paint protection. It helps your paint look good and last, but you still need to wash your car regularly and be careful of water drying on your car.

When looking into protecting your cars paint, make sure to check out Ceramic Pro coating. It can provide you with the protection and finish that will make your car look great for years to come.