1 Apr

The 5 Keys to Finding a Great Dentist

dentist should be part of an organization

If you move, your previous dentist retires, insurance changes, or any number of other things can put you on the search for a new dentist. The quality of the dentist greatly contributes to the quality of work the dentist does, as well as their experience. Finding a good dentist is essential, but you may be wondering how. Here are the 5 keys to finding a great dentist.

  1. Network: The first thing to check is which dentist will you be able to go to with your insurance. It may be worth asking individual offices if they will bill your insurance even if you aren’t sure they are in the network.
  2. Peer Review: Word of mouth reviews can be very powerful. Ask people around you who they see, and who they would choose not to see.
  3. Online Reviews: It can be helpful to see what many customers say about the dentist online. If they take the time to write about them online, whether good or bad, will say a lot about the dentist’s quality.
  4. Location: While the dentist may be in your area and network, they may be a fair drive. Nothing is as bad as being in pain and numbed from a root canal and having to drive 40 minutes to get home.
  5. Associations: A dentist should be part of an organization that proves they are a good dentist. Being a member of a dentistry board will prove that they are dedicated to providing the best dental care they can.

Finding a new dentist does not have to be difficult. In fact, many dentists are great at their job. However, using the tips above you should be able to sparse out the good from the great dentists.