15 Feb

How Long Could You Put Off Windshield Repair For?

put off your windshield repair for as long as needed

You might consider putting off the windshield repair that your car needs after a few weeks or months. You may think that it would cost too much for you to repair your windshield, or you don’t have the time for it. But you only have so much time to work with before something serious happens to your windshield. The timing varies based on several questions surrounding your windshield repair efforts.

Where Is the Crack?

The location of the windshield crack needs to be reviewed. A crack that appears on the driver’s side and obstructs your line of vision will need to be repaired immediately. You cannot afford to put off the repair at this juncture or else the crack will put you at risk of not following the rules while driving.

How Large Is the Crack?

You could wait a few weeks or months if the crack is minimal. However, a crack that is at least six inches long will need to be repaired sooner due to the risk of the break possibly becoming longer.

How Does the Crack Spread?

You should contact a windshield repair company immediately if the crack is starting to spread. You will need to get help sooner if the temperatures are experiencing significant changes throughout the week. Dramatic changes can cause your glass to expand and contract, thus causing the crack to spread further.

The general rule of thumb is that while you could technically put off your windshield repair for as long as needed, you should still keep from waiting too long. The risk of waiting a while for your repairs could be dramatic.