18 Feb

The 5 Steps of Water Damage Repair

One of the worst parts of water damage repair

Water Damage is something that can damage your home very badly if not taken care of. With such a big task, some may ask what all is involved in water damage repair. Here are the 5 steps of water damage repair that hopefully you will never need to go through.

    1. Damage Assessment: There are many different stages of water damage and assessing where your home is important. Improper assessment will lead to your home not being able to have proper water damage repair.
    2. Water Extraction: The first step is to remove the water that has built up. This involves pumps and vacuums to take the water and put it somewhere else. This is the most logical part, and anyone will be able to know the importance of this step.
    3. Dehydration: Everything will need to be dried off and dehumidified. Water pumps can remove pooled water, but it is very important to make sure your home has the water removed from everywhere, and that nothing has sucked up water. This process will involve well placed fans and humidifiers and can last quite some time.
    4. Cleaning: Having walls that have once been soaked in water means mold. One of the worst parts of water damage repair is the risk of mold finding a home within your recently damp home. It is important to prevent mold from finding home as soon as possible after a water incident.
    5. Restoration: Now that the home is dry and not at risk of molding over, it is time to assess the damages again. Maybe the structural integrity of some walls is compromised, but hopefully you simply need to redecorate, paint walls, and replace carpet.

While the process has several steps, it is not as complicated as you might imagine. It is a costly and time-consuming procedure, but hopefully you will be able to find capable experts to reduce the stress and allow you to go through one step; call a water damage repair company.