22 Mar

How Screen Printing Can Help Get Your Brand Out There

screen printing your brand logo

When trying to market your brand it can be difficult to figure out how to get your brand out there. As it turns out, screen printing your brand logo or insignia onto clothing can lead to your brand getting out there on a larger scale. While advertising can be an expensive and repeated cost, the long-term advertising of screen-printed t-shirts can greatly outweigh the cost. Here are a few reasons why screen printing clothing can greatly increase brand reach.

  • Conversation Starter: When people wear your brand, their peers will ask them about it. This leads to a conversation where one person passes on knowledge of a brand they support and instill it into one of their friends who will now be aware of your brand.
  • Visual Recognition: While talking to someone helps grow your brand awareness, just seeing someone wear your brand’s clothing can help a lot as well. Simply seeing it on people can lead to being familiar with the brand or logo.
  • Inexpensive: Screen printing gets cheaper the greater the order, so ordering a ton of shirts will not be very expensive per shirt. This means tons of people can advertise your brand, while also appreciating your brand for giving them free clothing.
  • Personal Liking: As mentioned previously, a person who receives free stuff from a brand may will have a positive relationship with the brand and will be more likely to wear the clothing and advertise your brand more. It is a positive cycle of low-cost advertising, as the recipient does the advertising for your brand.

Brand recognition and relationships are a powerful thing, and a great way to foster them is through screen printing t-shirts for advertising. Consider screen printing for your next big event and help advertise your brand for a low cost.