26 Dec

What to Do When You Need Emergency HVAC Service

If you need emergency HVAC service at your home

December is not the month you want to be without heat or find that your furnace isn’t keeping your home comfortable. Having no heat isn’t just bad for your family, but also can result in the plumbing freezing, leading to costly plumbing repairs. If you do find yourself waking up to no heat, there are a few things you can do before you call for emergency HVAC service or while waiting for them to arrive.

First, see if you have power to the HVAC system. If the circuit breaker has tripped, see if you can reset it. You will still want to call for emergency HVAC service because if your system is tripping the circuit breaker, there could be an electrical problem that needs to be resolved for the system to be safe. You can also try turning your HVAC on and off again to reset it. If it falters again, call for service as there is likely a thermostat concern or another issue going on.

If you do have power, consider getting out some space heaters and putting them near plumbing areas, such as in bathrooms and in the kitchen, leaving cabinets open so the warmth can get to the pipes. Be careful not to place the heaters too close to cleaning supplies or any combustibles. By putting heaters near the plumbing, you can buy yourself a bit of time, but you should still call for emergency HVAC services right away.

If you need emergency HVAC service at your home, we recommend calling you r local HVAC company right away. They will go over anything you can do to test things out and advise you about how soon they can get to you. They can also get you on a maintenance program to help you avoid needing emergency repair services in the future.