15 Feb

How Can a Glass Company Produce Hurricane Windows?

glass company will utilize a few points for ensuring the glass panels

Hurricane windows, as the name suggests, are windows that can handle intense impacts. These include the impacts produced by strong wind and rain conditions triggered by a hurricane. A glass company will utilize a few points for ensuring the glass panels one produces can withstand some of the most difficult weather conditions in the world:

  • Two sheets of glass are needed to create a quality window. The glass panels are arranged to add a better barrier. Also, the space in between the sheets can insulate your home by keeping air from moving in too quickly.
  • A polymer interlayer may appear in between the sheets of glass. The layer produces a firm body that reinforces the windows during a hurricane or other weather event. The layer holds the glass together even if something shatters.
  • A reinforced frame also goes around the glass. The frame should be a little thicker than usual to handle the added glass materials utilized.

The design ensures that you don’t need storm shutters over your windows if a hurricane or other significant storm comes around. More importantly, the shatterproof design will prevent debris from entering your home if the outside glass layer breaks apart. A glass company can measure all the parts of the design accordingly to ensure the window can remain functional and safe for use.

Hurricane windows are essential items that a glass company can produce. You’ll need these windows around your property if you live in a space that is at risk of going through such a dangerous weather event.