19 May

How to Handle Bee Removal Successfully

How to Handle Bee Removal Successfully

Bees are insects that make our lives sweeter. They may be beneficial, but they can be a nuisance and danger as well-especially when they’re in a swarm in the backyard. Before rushing to exterminate them with that spray or throwing stuff at them, realize that organizations such as EPA prohibit this. There are more peaceful ways to practice bee removal, such as:

  1. Don’t Use Traps or Insecticides

This is not just because you’re hurting the bees. There’s no telling whether these methods will work. If the trap fails, you have a swarm of angry bees on your case. Additionally, you may get in trouble if you use insecticides since EPA bans insecticide use.

  Avoid Bothering Them

The bees are trespassing in your private space, but they are unaware! Don’t irritate or anger them as most species deliver a painful and deadly sting when disturbed. The best bee removal tactic is to keep off and wait for them to relocate.

  1. Involve a Professional if Necessary

Getting rid of bees is difficult. One false move may cost you dearly. Instead of risking, check with the Apiary Inspectors of America to discover if there are beekeepers in your location.

  1. Use Soda

Here’s an effective way of bee removal with minimal risks. Cut your soda can or bottle in half, preferably an orange-flavored soda, and place it in a place filled with bees. The bees will be pulled to the soda and drink it, drowning in the process.

The most ideal solution is to call a bee removal service. Given that bees are vital to the ecosystem, we should do our best to preserve them. An expert bee removal company will be able to safely relocate them away from your property.