24 Dec

Septic Tank Cleaning: 4 Tips Each Homeowner Needs to Know

Septic Tank Cleaning: 4 Tips Each Homeowner Needs to Know

A septic system is an indispensable part of any home. It acts as a mini sewage system in areas with no access to the local sewage system. Regular septic tank cleaning ensures that the system works efficiently.

As a property owner, you need to be aware of what to do to prolong your septic system- considering how costly it is to install or carry out repairs. Please observe the following:

  • Don’t Flush Chemicals Down the Drain

Cleaning chemicals like bleach are great for making your surfaces spotless. But, make sure that you don’t flush them into your septic system. Why? These cleaning agents contain high chemical concentrations, which can damage the tank and kill the bacteria in the tank.

  • Regular Inspection

While this process is carried out once every year, it’s critical to your system’s functionality. To do this, consider retaining the services of a certified septic tank cleaning contractor.

They will help check the levels of accumulated solids, floating scum, and water being discharged into the drain field.

  • Amount of Water In-Flow

It’s easy to assume that the amount of water flowing into the system doesn’t affect the system- however, you’d be mistaken. It may lead to devastating problems. Too much water could negatively impact the anaerobic process taking place within the tank.

  • Solid Waste

While any organic matter can be broken down in the tank, most septic tank cleaning contractors advise homeowners to avoid disposing of organic waste through the septic tank.

This leads to the rapid accumulation of solids and increases the time it takes to breakdown the solids.