27 Aug

Seamless Gutters: Are They the Right Choice for You?

Seamless gutters are a little different from traditional gutters

When it comes to your home, you want it to be cared for. After all, a well-maintained home is one that lasts! While we often think of the things indoors, like our flooring, walls, and appliances, just as important but less considered are the exterior elements of a home, like the siding, roof and gutters. These outdoor components are what protect the indoor elements, and it’s just as important to ensure that your exterior is taken care of to ensure maximum home protection. A great option for low-maintenance home protection is seamless gutters.

Seamless gutters are a little different from traditional gutters. The first thing that sets them apart lies in their name — they’re seamless. Instead of being made from several different sections that are pieced together for your home, seamless gutters are manufactured in one piece. They are also made from a heavier gauge steel material that more securely attaches to your home than a traditional gutter. Because they are a thicker, more hefty material, they can withstand the outdoor elements better and longer than traditional materials.

One of the common concerns we hear from clients is that they don’t want their home design to be affected by the addition of seamless gutters. The truth is that seamless gutters can actually improve the look of your home, rather than detract from it, and with many different styles, sizes, and colors, you’re sure to able to find a seamless gutter option that will work with your home.