10 Jun

Safety Precautions to Take During a Plumbing Job

Plumbing seems like a simple task

Plumbing seems like a simple task. Just fit a wire into a clogged sink and everything’s peachy, right? Not exactly. Plumbing is more involving than it appears. Even the experts know that it has its hazards. One false move could cost you your drainage system and worse, your health.

If you’ve got some expertise on fixing a clog, realize that you can’t go as you are. You must learn the precautions and abide by them. Some of these safety tips are:

  1. Protecting Your Hands and Arms

No T-shirts during a drain fixing exercise. Wear an overcoat and other long-sleeved garment to protect your arms from cut hazards such as burrs. Also, ensure that you put on gloves. Gloves not only provide a firm grip, but they protect your hands against infection as well.

  1. Wear a Hard Hat

Or other tough wear on your head to cushion it from any hits. Though many experts don’t find them necessary, they can come in handy if your plumbing skills are rusty. There’s no telling what you will come across as you work.

  1. Guard Your Eyes

Your eyes do the most important work. As such, you shouldn’t leave them unprotected. Drops of filth into your eyes may infect or irritate them. Put on a pair of goggles or other protective eyewear that won’t fog.

  1. Wear a Mask

Wearing a mask hinders you from inhaling deadly fumes or mold during plumbing. Thus, a mask helps to keep your respiratory system safe.