19 Mar

Pool Cleaning Service: Reasons Why You Need It

professional pool cleaning service provider to keep a pool clean and appealing

Whether at a hotel or a residential area, a clean swimming pool is considered an asset to all who benefit from its availability. The hygiene of a pool is very crucial and therefore needs regular maintenance at all times. It requires the services of a professional pool cleaning service provider to keep a pool clean and appealing. Here’s why:

Clean Water

Pool cleaners are aware that a pool is a hub for all kinds of algae and bacteria to thrive and grow, so they know the exact type of chemicals to use, and their quantities to make the water safe to swim in.

Water Filtration

Besides just skimming the water surface for leaves, debris and other unwanted particles, hiring a pool cleaning service entails getting rid of invisible trash that cannot be seen. The ‘invisible’ trash could pose considerable damages to the pool and severe health risks to its users.

Water pH

Proper pH of swimming pool water should also be kept in check regularly, at an average of 7.3 and 7.9 using the right chemicals only known and used appropriately by certified pool cleaning service specialists.

Longer Lifespan

The lifespan of a neglected pool is at risk if left unattended to for more than two weeks on average. Substandard maintenance or lack of it thereof shortens a pool’s lifespan by 50-75%. In wet areas, a pool can turn green with algae, bacteria or E. coli in under 48 hours.  Chlorine helps to stop this.