14 May

Planning a Bathroom Makeover? You Should Also Get New Shower Tiles!

If you are planning a bathroom makeover

Over time, you may notice that your shower tile appears old or stained. You may even notice cracks or mold between tiles, which can pose a health risk to you and your family as well as indicate issues for future water damage to the area around your shower. Having shower tile installed correctly can add class and functionality to your bathroom. If you are planning a bathroom makeover, here are a few indicators that may let you know if you should consider getting new tiles for your shower:

  • Mold — If you notice mold or residue in the grout between your tiles, it may be time to consider replacement. You may try mold removal first, but if you notice that it has been a constant issue, it is best to have a specialist replace the tiles for you to prevent the mold from spreading or creating damaged areas. Mold is also detrimental to your health and should be treated immediately by a professional.
  • Cracks/Water Damage — If you have cracks in your grout or shower tile, your shower may be at risk for water damage. If water is allowed to seep through cracks or problem areas over time, there will inevitably be underlying water damage underneath your tiles that will possibly require costly repair. If you notice cracks or water damage, don’t wait until it is out of control — call an expert. This would be a good time for a complete bathroom makeover.

If your bathroom is outdated and showing signs of damage, these are a few indicators that you should include shower tile replacement in your bathroom makeover. Your shower will feel like new in no time.