11 Mar

Is Your Restoration Services Professional Also a General Contractor?

hire a restoration services professional

While it is critical to hire a restoration services professional with experience to handle fire & smoke, water, or storm damage at your property, you might want to consider going one step further and choose a company that also employs general contractors. There are several reasons why this can be advantageous depending on your situation and objectives.

First, a general contractor won’t just clean up the property and dispose of contaminated and destroyed materials. They will also rebuild what was damaged so that your life can get back to normal. Some cleanup companies don’t go that far or will subcontract a general contractor to work with them. This ends up costing you more because they’ll put their fees on top of what the contractor charges. You’ll also avoid the potential for miscommunication when you have only one company to deal with.

Another reason to go with a general contractor is because you’ll be in a better position to do remodeling at the same time as restoration services. They will be able to work with you to put the costs of restoration services on the insurance claim and have you handle any additional costs that might be involved. This is better than having to cover the remodeling on your own completely.

In addition, a general contractor has more experience when it comes to structural integrity and other construction factors, so they’re in a better position to deliver results that are in compliance with building codes and will meet your needs.