23 Jan

Is Stamped Concrete the Right Choice for Your Construction Project?

1.	Concrete is mixed as usual

You have the option to use stamped concrete when you’re aiming to produce a unique look for your construction project. You can use this to produce a solid walkway or other surface that offers a natural stone-like appearance.

The design of stamped concrete works with these steps in mind:

  1. Concrete is mixed as usual. This should include the proper amount of water. The mixture should be a little thinner than average. The compact layout is to allow the mold for later in the process to sink through the surface the right way.
  2. The concrete is laid out on the surface. A proper border must be created for keeping the concrete in the right space.
  3. A mold is added on top of the concrete after it is laid out. The mold can be custom-made to fit along with your application and your desired pattern.
  4. The mold is stamped on the concrete surface to create a stone-like appearance.
  5. The material is then sealed to prevent the space from cracking or chipping.
  6. The layout needs to be resurfaced every two to three years for the best results.

You can get your stamped surface designed with various patterns or shapes in mind. You can create a brick-like appearance or stone layout among other things. Such a design will look more attractive than a plain flat concrete surface. Ask a specialist about how a stamped layout may work for your next major construction project or for any renovations you want to complete.