28 Jan

How to Keep Your Gun Store Secure and the Buglers at Bay

gun store can still fall prey to theft

A gun store is the last place you would expect a break-in to occur. But if the recent news articles are anything to go by, they are seemingly attractive targets for buglers. The guns at the store are of great value in the black market; not to mention they can be used in future crimes too.

Most robbers who opt to smash and grab guns from such stores rarely come with any sophisticated technology. All they need are simple tools such as crowbars and sledgehammers. Despite having up-to-date security packages installed on a premise, a gun store can still fall prey to theft because of simple security breaches.

This includes both large as well as small gun stores. All of them are ripe for the picking, should the opportunity present itself.

Security Gates

You may think that CCTV cameras are the best deterrence for any individual up to no good, but sadly, these measures are quite easy to fool. All you need is a face mask or a hoody. Anything which can hide your face.

On the other hand, any criminal planning a break-in at a gun store will always walk past an establishment that has a menacing looking front gate. This makes it a difficult target as opposed to the simple ones most burglars prefer. Taking this measure can go a long way in avoiding or minimizing losses and burglary in gun stores.