31 Jul

How to be Calm in a Gun Store

Many first-time gun owners find a trip to the gun store scary

Many first-time gun owners find a trip to the gun store scary. The intimidation and fear that grip even the bravest person is unexplainable.

It’s perfectly normal to freak out, but you shouldn’t let it control you to the extent that you freeze once you’re in the store. The key is to take a deep breath, stay calm, and follow these tips:

  1. Ensure You’re Comfortable

You’re paying for the services, so the staff shouldn’t treat you as if you’re wasting their time. Don’t take the evil eye or cold shoulder.

  1. Embrace the Gun Wearing

Imagine walking into a store and seeing employees wearing guns. It’ll freak you out, right? Well, the employees are trained professionals. And, a change in perspective will help you loosen up and stop staring at the guns fearfully.

Jewelry store owners (most) put on jewels, clothes store owners put on clothes, …so it would only be logical for gun store owners to wear guns.

  1. Familiarize Yourself With Some Gun Etiquette

You probably won’t be the only customer in the store, so watch your conduct. Don’t point a gun at anyone or anything. Also, don’t put your finger on the trigger if you don’t plan to shoot.

  1. Be Humble and ask Questions

Once you walk into the gun store and meet the salesperson, don’t be afraid to admit that you’re buying your first gun. Also, ask as much as you can and state why you’re buying the gun. The more open you are, the quicker the salesperson will help.