23 Apr

How Often Should You Schedule Septic Pumping Services?

you should consider septic pumping services more frequently

The most common question asked of companies that provide septic pumping services, relates to the best schedule to arrange this service. Because there are so many contributing factors, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The best you can do is consider the various factors and decide whether you’d prefer to err on the side of too often or too seldom. Most would agree that waiting too long can result in a septic backup or even premature septic system failure. Either is far from pleasant and can prove more costly to resolve than paying for more frequent septic pumping services than you might need.

Getting back to the factors involved, one of the biggest ones is how many people are contributing waste to the septic tank and how much they are at home. If you have a larger family, have frequent guests, operate a home-based business, or otherwise put strain on the septic tank, you should consider septic pumping services more frequently.

Another thing to think about is that even if you could go three or even five years between septic pumping services, you should have the system inspected more frequently than that. If you are going to have them come out to be sure all is well, you may as well have them pump out the tank while they are there. In addition, they’ll be better able to assess the condition of the septic tank if they do the pumping first. If this is something that makes sense to you, consider services every one to two years.