2 Jan

How Often Should You Call For Septic Tank Cleaning?

How Often Should You Call For Septic Tank Cleaning?

You need to hire a septic tank cleaning provider on occasion to help you with clearing out this important part of your waste removal system. But how often do you need to hire one?

The Rule of Thumb

The general rule of thumb is to clean the septic tank out every three to five years. This is around the time the tank might start to back up if not handled appropriately.

What About Sooner?

You could get a septic tank cleaning service to work for you in one or two years if needed. This would be for cases where you’ve got more people in your home. A family with four or more people might need to get the tank cleared out every two years because of the added waste.

Meanwhile, a home with just two people might only need to clear out the tank every five to eight years. Be aware of how much waste is being produced in your tank.

What If You See Damages?

You might come across damages like the grass around the spot that you tank is at wearing out or the plumbing system in your home being clogged up. You would have to get your tank cleaned out right away if you ever see those issues.

Contact a septic tank cleaning team as soon as possible the next time you are on schedule to get your tank cleaned. Make sure you get the tank cleared out well so your space will remain clean and comfortable without any sizeable risks becoming a problem.