23 Apr

How Does Insulating Glass Work?

you should discuss the quality of the insulating glass

It used to be that windows in homes were a single pane of glass, but as people became more energy conscious, they looked for a way to resolve the heat loss that occurred and insulating glass was developed. You most likely have noticed that today’s windows are double-paned, in most cases, although there are some climates where many lean toward triple-paned. Both types are considered insulating glass.

Although you don’t see it, the space between the insulating glass panes is filled with either air or a noble gas, usually argon. It was found that doing so created a powerful thermal barrier, keeping heat inside your home or building during the winter and keeping the heat outside during the summer.

An interesting fact that you might not know is that not all windows with insulating glass are the same in terms of energy efficiency. There are three factors that determine the quality and how much of a thermal barrier is achieved: the thickness of each of the glass panes, the type of gas used between the panes, and the amount of space between the panes.

If optimal energy efficiency is your goal, you should discuss the quality of the insulating glass with your window supplier. You’ll find plenty of different price points, so it comes down to how much you’ll save in energy costs as a return on your investment. The higher the quality of insulating glass you go with, the more value you add to your home and the lower your utility bills will be.