3 Jul

Get Ahead of the Game with These 4 Types of Roofing, Including Solar Power Shingles

solar power options limited to just the large solar panels

Cost, sustainability, durability, energy efficiency and longevity. These are the 5 factors you should consider when looking for an alternative roofing type. If you’re after all the mentioned factors, you’ll also want your roof to stand out. Here are 4 types of roofing for your home improvement needs:

  • Built-up Roofing. Especially on low-sloped roofs, this is the most common type of roofing. It is comprised of a number of bitumen surfaces, with a finishing touch of aggregate layer on top.
  • Solar Shingles. Did you know that you can collect solar power from shingles now? No longer are solar power options limited to just the large solar panels one typically sees on a roof. When it comes to saving money, this is your best bet! This roofing type displays a unique combination of roofing material and solar panels. Solar shingles are, above all, environmentally friendly since they collect solar power and enable you to reduce electricity bills.
  • Single-ply roofing. Aside from being UV radiation resistant, single-ply roofs also exhibit remarkable flexibility. Two of the most common methods of single-ply roofing are thermoplastics and thermosets. TPO and PVC are two of the most used thermoplastic single-ply membranes.
  • Standing Seam Roofing Panels. This type of roofing offers designers the option of either designing or specifying a variety of roof profiles.  After the placement of an approved underlayment, it is important to install standing seam panels in sequence.

With almost unlimited options on the market right now, you may be unsure which type to consider. So, the next time you’re considering a roofing upgrade, contact a local roofing expert for details about which roofing type will work for you, and make sure they have solar power shingles available if you want to help the environment and your pocket at the same time!