25 Feb

Choosing the Perfect Finish for Your Red Oak Flooring

Red oak flooring is a common option for house owners

Red oak flooring is a common option for house owners owing to its durability and simple elegance. The following are things to consider when choosing the ideal finish for your floor:

  1. Color

This will set the overall ambiance of your room. Pick a light-color stain to create a casual and warm feel in informal rooms and settle for darker stains for formal rooms.

If you’re renovating your living and dining rooms, a deep-colored stain will do just fine.

  1. Durable Sealer

Protect your red oak hardwood from abrasive dirt and water by sealing it. In the markets today, there’s a wide range of sealers to choose from.

The most common are oil-modified urethane, water-based urethane and the most durable of them all, polyurethane.

  1. Quality Sheen

The level of shine on your floor’s finish goes a long way in determining how it shows scuffs and dirt.

When you’re considering purchasing sheen for your red oak, you’ll have to choose between matte, satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss sheens. These will work best in your family room, kitchen and other high-traffic rooms.

  1. Red-Oak Quality

Once you’ve decided on all of the above, the final decision will be whether to purchase your red oak flooring unfinished or prefinished. For best results, settle for the unfinished floors. In that way, you will have more control over the wood’s color.

Once you’ve picked red oak as your preferred floor hardwood, go the extra mile and choose a finish that reflects your style, how the room is used and its general feel.