17 Sep

4 Tips for Successful Website Design

4 Tips for Successful Website Design

Website design offers endless options. Whether you’re going for a sleek and modern look or a classy and minimalistic appearance, it is all possible in web design.

Though you want your website to exude your line of work, brand identity, and personal style, please note that user experience is essential too. If you’re new to web design, here are some pointers to make your site compelling and effective:

  1. Create Web Content That’s Easy to Read

The simpler it is for readers to skim-read through your content, the more people your website will attract.

To achieve website readability, consider keeping your body text at least 16pt. Many people have a hard time reading smaller fonts. Also, don’t use too many typefaces throughout a website as it will steal the attention of your brand identity.

  1. Maintain a Minimalistic and Clutter-Free Homepage

Getting straight to the point is crucial in good website design. Your website’s homepage should relay your core message instantly as very few users actually read every word on a website.

  1. Your Website Should be Easy to Navigate

Users should be able to find their way around your website without straining. Consider making your website menu prominent and easy to find. Linking your logo to the homepage is essential too as it saves your visitors the hassle of clicking frequently.

  1. Be Mobile Friendly

In modern website design, creating a website that users can use despite the device they’re browsing in is a sure bet to appealing to more users.