3 Mar

Is It Time to Choose Siding Over Paint?

There are many pros and cons to siding

When looking at the outside of your home you may wonder if siding is the right thing for you. You may ask yourself, is siding worth it? Here is a short list of the pros and cons of siding that will help you determine if you should install siding or continue to simply paint your home.


  • Longevity: Siding can last a few decades, which means you will not have to repaint your home every time the paint fades or styles change.
  • Style: Siding on your home can make it look interesting and different than the average beige painted home.
  • Cost: Due to siding lasting so long, it will end up saving you money in the long run. It does not require to be repainted every so often, which means lower costs in replacement over time.


  • Weather: Weather can be a serious problem for siding. Heavy hail or extreme winds can damage siding and cost you a lot of money if it needs to be fixed or replaced.
  • Style: The style may be too much for some neighborhoods. If every house is painted, then you may stick out like a sore thumb. While this may be a good thing for some, you may not want your home to attract attention.
  • Cost: While siding can cost less in the long run, what if you intend on moving before the cost of siding beats the cost of paint? If you do not intend to out-stay your siding, you may find it being more expensive than paint.

There are many pros and cons to siding, so it is important to weigh them all. Make sure to research what you want from your home before you decide to ditch paint for siding.