3 Mar

Septic Services That a Septic Service Company Can Provide

most people associate septic services

Septic Systems involve many parts, and there are many different things you can add or replace during the life of your septic system. With so many parts it can be hard to know what septic services your septic service company even offers. Here is a short list of some of the septic services your septic service company can offer.

  • Pumping and Cleaning: Septic systems need to be pumped and the filters cleaned regularly, and because of this most people associate septic services almost exclusively with this service.
  • Septic Tank Installation: A company that maintains a septic tank is probably knowledgeable to install one as well. They are experts and should have the ability to install a new septic tank system.
  • Drain Cleaning: Even with regular septic tank pumping you may still run into drains getting build up on them. Drain cleaning can help your drains run smoother and allow your plumbing to run faster.
  • Grease Trap Installation: While most people know better than to put grease and things down the drain, sometimes they end up down there. As hard as you try not to pour out your grease, some will go down with the dishes anyway! But a grease trap can help make sure that the grease does not clog your plumbing. It acts like an extra safeguard.
  • Drain Field Repair: When your drain field is not draining properly, or has other issues, you need drain field repair. This can allow the wastewater to seep into your field as effectively as possible, and not cause strain on your septic system.

While there are many different septic services available, it can still be hard to know all of them. Always consult with your septic company to know what services they can offer and recommend to you.