21 Jun

Residential Plumbing: Do-It-Yourself Projects VS Hiring a Professional

Residential Plumbing: Do-It-Yourself Projects VS Hiring a Professional

The plumber is an oft-feared profession, but one that may be necessary at some point in your homeownership journey. Whether you are looking for a residential plumbing repair professional or someone to install a new faucet, it can be challenging to know who you should turn to.

We will discuss the pros of hiring a plumbing repair professional when considering DIY projects around the home.

• Done Right
The pros of hiring a residential plumbing repair professional include the assurance that you are getting an expert in their field to handle your project.

This will be important when handling complex projects like replacing an old toilet or installing a new faucet for which there is no room for error.

• Insurance
When you hire a professional repair contractor, they will usually be insured. This can save you from potential liability issues and the added worry of dealing with an insurance company if something does go wrong during your project.

• Clean and Neat
Hiring a professional will allow you to stay in your home and keep it as clean as possible during the project, which can be difficult when you’re working around equipment or tools that may have been there for months.

• Safety
A contractor is also likely to be well versed in the latest regulations for residential plumping, so you are safe from any legal consequences that might arise as a result of your project.

• Equipment and Time
A professional plumber is likely to have the best tools and equipment for the job. Most probably they will complete a project in minimal time and with less mess than if you were to try it yourself.

As a homeowner, there’s always going to be some new projects. However, plumbing repairs are one of the many things that can be better left to a residential plumbing technician.