23 Dec

Pool Maintenance: Home Owners Guide to a Clean Functional Pool

Pool Maintenance: Home Owners Guide to a Clean Functional Pool

Keeping your swimming pool in pristine condition isn’t as troublesome as you may think. Each pool is unique and different from the rest, thereby requiring varying pool maintenance techniques. Ideally, always consult certified contractors to assist you with this.

Below is a quick guide on ensuring that your pool remains magnificent.

  • Make a point of replacing any broken drain and suction pump. Failure to do this, too much air gets into the system, causing the pump to run dry and freeze.
  • Vacuum the pool regularly to remove any debris at the bottom. If you have a large pool, contact a certified contractor, and have an automated vacuum system installed.
  • Ensure to keep vegetation, animals, and chemicals away from the pool. Any droppings from the animal into the water acts as food for algae.
  • Any pool maintenance endeavor requires the right equipment. Always purchase your supplies from licensed dealers. Failure to observe this may cost you money.
  • Unless you have an indoor pool, clean or change your filters after every heavy storm. When in doubt, always consult a licensed contractor.
  • An essential part of prolonging your pool’s lifespan is regularly scrubbing the walls and replacing broken tiles. This removes any algae that may have attached to the surface.
  • It’s recommended that you observe your pool’s chemistry 2-4 times a week during summer and twice each week during winter. This way, you can effectively deal with any algae and bacteria.

With this quick pool maintenance guide, you are sure to create a clean, healthy environment for you and your family.